About LMC - Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Liquidity Management Centre B.S.C.(c) (LMC) is a Wholesale Islamic Bank incorporated in July 2002 and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. It aims to provide optimal Islamic Financing and Investment solutions which contribute to growth of the Islamic capital market.

LMC is committed to playing a key role in the creation of an active and geographically expansive Islamic inter-bank market which will assist Islamic financial institutions in managing their short-term liquidity. The establishment and depth of such inter-bank market will further accelerate the development process of the Islamic banking sector. In addition, LMC will attract assets from governments, financial institutions and corporates in both private and public sectors in key target Markets. The sourced assets will be securitized into readily transferable securities or structured into other innovative investment instruments.


To enable Islamic financial institutions to manage their liquidity mismatch through short and medium term liquid investments structured in accordance with the Shari'a principles.



Facilitating the investment of surplus funds with Islamic banks and financial institutions into quality short and medium term financial instruments structured in accordance with Shari'a principles.

LMC Today

LMC plays an active role in the primary and secondary Islamic financing market delivering innovative, adaptable and tradable Islamic Shari’a compliant short term and medium term financial instruments to Islamic financial institutions. In addition, it provides Islamic advisory services, including but not limited to the areas of structured finance, project finance and corporate finance.

With an authorized capital of US$ 200 million and a paid up capital of US$ 53.550 million, LMC proudly shares a very close working relationship with each of its shareholders who are renowned in the Islamic Financial Market for their contribution to the industry, namely, Bahrain Islamic Bank B.S.C. (Kingdom of Bahrain), Dubai Islamic Bank P.J.S.C. (United Arab Emirates), Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia) and KFH Capital Investment Company (State of Kuwait) each of whom today hold equal shares in LMC. The Bank has proven to be a leading arranger of sukuk instruments (Islamic bonds) having issued a number of innovative sukuk with recognised structures that have been reflected in other sukuk issued in the region. LMC has won the award of Euromoney as the best debt house in Bahrain “Best Domestic Market Sukuk House” in 2005.

The Bank’s focus has not only been on bringing long term financing opportunities but also developing short term Shari’a compliant investment opportunities. The Bank has pioneered the structure of its Short Term Sukuk Program, a tradable low risk liquidity management product which provides investors with opportunity to invest in short term sukuk. Monthly tenors are secured by a diverse portfolio of asset backed corporate and sovereign sukuk instruments arranged and administered by LMC and other recognized arrangers. The Short Term Sukuk Program is the first such repackaged Sukuk product to be offered into the Islamic banking market.