Investment Banking - Business Lines

Business Lines

Debt Capital Market

Sukuk are purely a certificate based mode of structuring a capital market instrument. LMC offers a broad variety of such instruments. Our current client base includes sovereign entities, financial institutions and corporate entities. The purpose for issuance of a Sukuk may vary though in the prevailing environment we have frequently found the purposes to be project finance, general corporate funding for working capital or expansion, corporate refinancing, asset securitisation and acquisition finance.  

LMC provides each and every one of its clients with tailor made Sukuk structures and documentation to meet their requirements.

Asset Management

LMC aims to apply its expertise and prolonged track record in the Islamic Sukuk market by providing Asset Management services including advisory and Sukuk portfolio management. A specialized team fully dedicated to this service is available to provide tailored Sukuk portfolio management to meet clients’ performance requirements with the lowest levels of risk.

The Short Term Sukuk Program

In line with the Asset Management activities, LMC structured the Short Term Sukuk Program issued by The Short Term Sukuk Centre B.S.C. (c) (the “Company”) The Company, acting through its Agent acquires assets ('STS assets') from various sources. These STS assets have varying tenors and returns. These assets are then pooled into a single STS Program portfolio and securitized through the issuance of short term Investment Sukuk with approximately monthly tenors ('STS Investment Sukuk'). STS Investment Sukuk represents an indivisible fractional ownership interest in the underlying STS assets of the Company.

The Company in its capacity as an Issuer issues a tradable low risk liquidity management product which provides investors with opportunity to invest in short term sukuk. Monthly tenors are secured by a diverse portfolio of asset backed corporate and sovereign Sukuk instruments arranged and administered by recognized arrangers and Sukuk issuances arranged by LMC. The Short Term Sukuk program is the first such repackaged Sukuk product to be offered into the Islamic banking market where long term growth is highly anticipated.

Private Equity

LMC aims to endeavor into private equity activities and to leverage on its inherent network and relationships in the GCC region in order to take advantage of the range of attractive investment opportunities present in the local and regional markets.

As part of raising private equity, LMC conducts and coordinates with its client the modelling of transactions, identifying and resolving prospective legal and corporate issues arising from the equity offering, prepares offering documentation and presentation materials, articulates all placement related activities, and conducts the offering process. Throughout, LMC is solely focussed on ensuring the successful completion of the equity raising transaction.

Equity Capital Market

Equity capital markets in the GCC have witnessed incredible growth and correction in the past decade. Due to the limitation on the number of investment avenues available, liquidity within the GCC economies usually finds its way back to the local stock markets. Corrections in the past throughout the GCC Equity Markets have limited the number of IPOs however GCC markets are doing their utmost to complement economic activity with the establishment of new regulations and financial centres through which both local and regional capital can be attracted with no restriction on the foreign ownership of shares. These formulate an integral part of and stimulate growth in the IPO activity and LMC intends to take advantage of such favorable economic environment in the future.