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Mr. Shaikh Adnan Alqattan

Member of the Shari'a Supervisory Board

Sheik Adnan Abdullah Al Qattan is Shari’a Supervisory Board member. He is a famous sharia’s supreme court judge and a high Shari’a court assistant Justice at the Ministry of Justice, Kingdom of Bahrain. Known for his extensive knowledge of Islamic & shari’a sciences, Dr. Adnan appointed as Chairman of various institutions, President of the Kingdom of Bahrain Hajj Mission and a Supervisory Board Member at several Islamic Banks in Bahrain. Dr. Adnan attained a Masters Degree in Quran and Hadith from the University of Um Al-Qura, Mecca, KSA, in addition to a Shari’a Degree from the Islamic University, Madeena, KSA.