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Investment Banking Services

Investment Structuring

LMC has the capability of structuring various types of bilateral or structured investment products for third party clients. Such products will be "white labelled" where LMC is acting in a non-proprietary capacity. As part of these services, LMC will obtain Shari'a clearance (from its Shari'a Board) for any such products.

Trust and Agency Services

Sukuk & Fund Administration at LMC has been a provider of trustee and agency services for transactions predominantly arranged by LMC. LMC have developed a strong understanding of what is important to our clients through an interactive process and tailored our services to meet the business requirements of our clients. LMC have managed the administration of structured transactions including global and domestic Sukuk, Syndicated Islamic Facilities, Project Finance Transactions and Asset Backed Financing arrangements. At LMC we have the expertise to provide trust and agency related services along with SPV administration. Our service offering include the following:

  • Issuer / Trustee Services
  • Transaction Administration
  • Registrar Services
  • Calculation Agent
  • Documentation Agent
  • Custody Services
  • Security Agency Services
  • Sukuk Operations
  • Investor Reporting

Portfolio Administration Services

LMC can administrate 3rd party portfolios of Sukuk or similar investment instruments in accordance with the needs of prospective clients.

Advisory Services

These services revolve around the provision of analysis and advice to clients in relation to their business development activities. The principal objective is to develop and evaluate strategic plans which meet the client’s needs. Additionally, LMC actively focuses in ensuring that its clients optimize their capital structures with a view to facilitating access to new and efficient sources of equity and other forms of Sharia compliant financing.

Restructuring Advisory Services

In recent times LMC has further developed its offering services benefiting from its extensive experience and its excellent relationship with peer Financial Institutions. LMC has extensively worked on the restructuring of both Syndicated Facilities & Islamic Debt Capital Markets instruments for transactions either originally arranged by LMC and also for Global Sukuk arranged by other arrangers. In the process LMC has helped its clients endure the global financial turmoil, adapting to the current economic environment and enhancing their financial positions. Moreover, LMC has noticeably been successful in improving the Clients’ abilities to meet their obligations, while bearing in mind the clients’ futuristic business requirements. The complexities of the various restructuring exercises have varied and revolved around the amendment of key terms and conditions including but not limited to changes is amortization profiles, extension in tenors, changes in profit rates along with the enhancement and/or restructuring of existing security packages. Needless to say this has been done in the back drop of reviewing and advising the clients on their business plans, financial projections along with their underlying assumptions. Also, LMC in the capacity as Restructuring Advisors have successfully liaised with Sharia Supervisory Boards and Legal Counsels to obtain the requisite approvals that are customarily required in a restructuring process.